Funnily, I remember my first experience with Rhythm Heaven like it was yesterday. I first downloaded the demo through Nintendo Channel on the Wii, I did not like the demo that much. Years later, I got the second one on the DS, and I adored it for its simplicity and fun. There were so many memorable mini games like Blue Bird and Karate Man that kept me replaying the game, trying to get perfects on certain mini games when I got the chance.

Then I tried out Rhythm Heaven Fever for the Wii. While I liked a few of its mini games, the difficulty curves grew too hard for me to enjoy the game thoroughly. I also tried the Japanese arcade game in Japan Town in San Francisco, and I really enjoyed the Marching soldiers, the Ninja Protector, and the Space Ball. Although the Japanese language for the game made it hard to get into rhythm sometimes. I wished America got the GBA game.

When I heard that Rhythm Heaven Megamix was announced, I was excited that it would be composed of the best rhythm mini games from the first three games. Sided with a couple new rhythm mini games, I was SERIOUSLY anticipated for the localized release. And at E3, there was a surprise announcement that the game would release today. Holy cow, I bought an eShop card the next day and downloaded Megamix immediately. I could not let myself be without getting the newest Rhythm Heaven.

So, what are my thoughts on Megamix? I am only about 80% into it, but it is a fantastic title you should download immediately. Whether you are itching for more rhythm action or just a beginner, you will be enjoying the mini games the game provides you.

The way the mini games are set up are somewhat different this time. You go through the game with a story, with a couple sets of 4 mini games and the occasional mini game that really tests your rhythm skills. There are remixes in the game, but that only came in the middle and the end of the game, which I did not mind too much.

The mini games themselves are GREAT and VARIED! There is a nice difficulty rise in this game unlike Fever, as the mini games go from simple to very complex types of rhythm very steadily so that I do not feel overwhelmed. I can tell the team chose the best mini games from the previous games, and placed them into an appropriate part of the game in the appropriate difficulty. The new mini games are a blast to play too, each having their own their own theme and type of rhythm that makes the experience refreshing.

The story itself, while it can be a bit distracting overtime, it is simple enough to enjoy the writing. I enjoyed Tibby and his quest to get back to his home place called Rhythm Heaven. I legitimately felt a bit of character development with Tibby as I played through more mini games for the first time, it is a nice touch that I have never seen Rhythm Heaven do until now. There is a bit of a variety in other characters you meet too, so the experience never felt stale for me.

There are some nice things to do in the game when I am not doing the story. When I got to a certain part in the game, I got introduced to Barista in the cafe again. The Cafe is usually the place where you can buy stuff and talk to people for some tips and thoughts. I found it to be the perfect way to take breaks when you are tired of playing rhythm games or just want to stop getting that Skill Star in a certain mini game. This was the case especially when it came to feeding my goat, it is simply flinging turnips onto a goat’s mouth, which involves no rhythm at all. There is always something to do when you go back and play Megamix.

Although there are a few nitpicks and one somewhat major problem I feel needs to be addressed. The major problem first. The Gatekeepers that give you the occasional mini game testing your rhythm is NOT FUN. Three out of four games had me stressed out on getting the timing right and the payment you have to make to get through the trials is unfairly high.

I can see that being a huge wall for casual players, and I advise pushing through one of the trials so you can get to the chunk of bigger fun. And in some mini games, the rhythm can get a teeny bit unfair, but that is where my complaints end. For the most part, I myself did not find them to be a big deal.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix is a game I feel has great game design with its simplicity and easy to understand gameplay. I feel out of all Rhythm Heaven games, this one polishes its rising difficulty and fun the best. The game is only $30 on the eShop, and I recommend that you get the game while you can. It is a special experience on the 3DS you CANNOT miss!



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