The NX is getting real close. My hype for the new system increases with each passing day, watching many juicy NX rumors and NX speculation videos SuperMetalDave64 makes. My only real hopes for the system itself is that Nintendo makes it a powerful enough system to get back to the competition again.

Most importantly, I am hoping that the NX has a solid lineup of games that appeal to me. I am looking forward to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, now that I have a better appreciation for the open world gameplay style the The Legend of Zelda for NES offered. And as a huge fan, I am eagerly waiting for Pikmin 4 likely to be announced publicly for the NX, looking forward to collecting more treasures with new Pikmin species.

What about games that have not been announced yet for the NX? There are a few games I really hope to be on the NX. Although, the list is mostly third-party games, as there are certain titles coming to PS4 and Xbox One that I seriously wish to see on the NX. Knowing Nintendo’s situation with the Wii U, the lack of some major third party titles on that system because of the lack of power and portability really got me jealous with Sony and Microsoft.

I prefer to buy Nintendo consoles because of Nintendo’s great IPs. I do want to stay with one console per generation and I do not want to spend more on other consoles either. So this list will cover five games I wish to see on the NX that would make me very excited. Each game I list has a variety of different reasons, whether it be business-wise or just my personal bais. Going from least to most wanted.

5. Final Fantasy VII Remake


I have been playing the original Final Fantasy VII on mobile lately since the debut of Cloud in Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U. So far, it is a surprisingly good game. For its time, the graphics hold on pretty well by PS1 standards and has a really interesting apocalyptic feeling that I get when I am in Midgar. It really feels like a game that should have been on the N64, but it was not due to cartridge limitations at the time.

With the NX hopefully being more powerful and the cartridge rumors surrounding it, I am hoping that we can see this compressed into one game for NX instead of being episodic as stated in one interview. That would really sell the NX for millions in my opinion alongside Zelda.

4. Final Fantasy XV


This was a game I had never paid attention to much, but I was surprised to learn that this game was in development for 10 years. I have been recently looking at everything Final Fantasy XV has to offer in trailers and interviews. Seeing the effort they put into the game, with the incredible world and music, it is simply outstanding and makes me hope to see it on the NX.

I do want see this happen not just because of that.Years ago, I have been hearing stuff about how Final Fantasy was in decline because of the newer games not being able to match FF7’s critical acclaim. I also want to see the Final Fantasy series succeed globally again, and expanding FFXV to the NX platform would benefit the franchise greatly. FFXV looks like it has the potential to be well received as FF7.

3. MOTHER 3 Remake


Every online Nintendo fan is probably aware of the high demand of MOTHER 3. The game only released in Japan, and is sometimes considered to be Shigesato Itoi’s best game of all time. If you asked someone on what Nintendo game they like to see happen, chances are it would be localizing MOTHER 3.

My #2 favorite game of all time, with its great story and beautiful presentation. MOTHER 3 is a game that should be experienced by everyone, in my opinion. The best way to get that demand satisfied is to remake the game on the NX. There are a couple of small issues I have with the original game story wise like better character development and a better way to handle the story’s certain plot twists that would perfect the experience. And imagining the graphical and musical improvement for a MOTHER 3 remake is drooling.



This one is more on the dreamy side, and more than likely, it would probably be a straight port if the game was to be on consoles. But I think a remake made by Nintendo themselves would attract a lot of people. Toby Fox would probably be ok with his game being remaked by Nintendo as his game is inspired by the MOTHER franchise.

I REALLY REALLY love Undertale. It is my #1 favorite game of all time, well known for its great characters, story, and amazing soundtrack. In my opinion, it is a game that should be played by every gamer. And putting the game on the NX would further expand the amount of people who play the game. And while the game is available on Steam for $10, there are some people who want the game on dedicated gaming platforms just to play it.

The only “downside” Undertale that prevent some people from trying it are graphics, and graphically improving the world of Undertale with a remake would get lots of people to try the game. This would also attract large attention from the Undertale community, making a remake would get lots of those fans to buy an NX to play the experience again.

1. Kingdom Hearts 3


Since it was announced for development on the PS4 and Xbox One, I ALWAYS wanted to see the game on a Nintendo platform. And with NX on the horizon, now is the perfect time to put KH3 on the NX after the many KH spinoffs that was on Nintendo platforms. If they could put KH3 on XB1, then I am very sure they could port the game on NX if the system is powerful enough.

And good news, that chance might finally come with job listings from of Nintendo wanting someone with experience with Unreal Engine 4. That is the game engine KH3 runs on. And according to some rumors, the NX is close to the power of the PS4 Neo, so it should be able to run many titles available on the PS4.

This is the only game that would complete a portion of my life. I have been a big Kingdom Hearts fan since the original KH, playing games like KH1, KH2, Chain of Memories, Dream Drop Distance, and Unchained X for its Disney worlds and engaging action-RPG gameplay. If I could only afford one game on the NX, it would be Kingdom Hearts 3.

That is my personal wish list of games I want on the NX. Are any of these titles on your NX wish list? Let me know.


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