Hi everyone! It is me again! This article was made to help you as a gamer, as I feel there are particular types of people have the largest negative influence on a person’s decisions on buying certain media. I hope you enjoy reading this! And note, I will heavily use the word haters when

Hate is everywhere in some kind of form. It can come from YouTube comments, 4chan, NeoGaf posts, Tumblr, and many other big websites. People who get angry about hot gaming topics easily are one of the reasons why the gaming community as a whole is viewed as a toxicity.

You may have been tempted and skeptical at least once about the idea to leave a fandom because of the influences and attention haters can get on you. They can say things like “lol the fanbase is cancer”, “stop posting that *insert franchise* everywhere”, or another statement not well constructed. Let me tell you right now, you should not listen to them for a variety of reasons.

These ‘haters’ jump onto the new, hot game that is out and join the fandom, only for months later, to move on to the next thing and not care about it anymore. Those certain people do not have a sense of real appreciation for the work put into these franchises and/or bash it without any research done. That is their way of wanting attention, whether it be intentional or not.

I have seen the fandoms of games fall apart quickly like UNDERTALE and Five Nights at Freddy’s because of how heavily exposed they were to the public at the time. And really, there is a lot to like about those particular franchises. It is just that haters can easily make these gaming fans question whether they should leave a fandom, even if it is a fandom that might really resonate with their interests.

I understand, every fandom has its pros and cons. However, whether it is a big or small problem, haters will over-exaggerate those cons to make it one of the biggest reasons why a fandom is cancer. And when the fandom happens to make one or two mistakes, some fans can be influenced by haters easily and can quietly leave the fandom.

What you should realize is that it is easy for haters to get attention just by observing the newest gaming news and then bashing about it. They can watch a drama news story from ReviewTechUSA or KEEMSTAR, and then let out a negative comment to get the center of attention. They make it as if their statement is a just one, using confirmation bias. It takes very little effort.

And because it is very easy for people in general to feel negative than positive in many bad situations, haters can take advantage of those feelings to make fans feel their fandom is garbage. That can lead some fans to get very defensive, allowing haters to get more aggressive and feed in the attention, no matter how valid the defense side of the argument is. As a result, it wears fans out and leaves a negative outlook on the franchise for others who might be interested.

Do NOT let haters get the best of you and change your mind easily, even if it is the popular opinion to do so. If you genuinely love a particular franchise, do not let people who say those kinds of things influence you to stop loving it. The most you can learn from haters on the internet is not argue, but to simply ignore them and enjoy your fandom.


One thought on “Don’t Let Haters Stop You From Loving Your Favorite Franchises

  1. Thank you. There was one point in time when I thought I no longer loved the Persona game series because of the folks that claim it’s “Newbie bait” and “S**t for weeaboos”. I really needed this. Thanks a lot, Fumi.

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