SiivaGunner is a very strange YouTube channel. At first, it seems like a YouTube channel that uploads video game music. But when you click and watch one of his videos, you get a music track that does not sound like its original. That is essentially the premise of the YouTube channel. At this time, he has gained nearly 50,000 subscribers and has got many internet celebrities like Cobanermani456, BalrogGameRoom, and the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter to pay attention to SiivaGunner.

When I first discovered his channel, the first video I watched was his Sun/Moon rip and laughed at the Flintstones mashed up with it. Then a few days later, I managed to hit one of his videos again with a Temmie Village rip that yet again had the Flintstones on it. I was really curious how many mash-ups he had for his channel, and there were A LOT of videos available. I subscribed to his channel immediately.

I later learned about the history of where Grand Dad came from after hearing several times. I never understood the joke behind the comments, so I was curious what the fuss was all about. It just so happens that Grand Dad is connected to Vinesauce Joel, who I consider to have the best personality in YouTube history.

Joel was playing a Chinese NES bootleg called GRAND DAD 7 that copies elements of an NES Flintstones game and pasting Mario’s head into it. His reaction to the title screen of the game and the very existence of the game was so hilarious, that it spawn a number of videos mashing Joel’s reaction with several music tracks, which later led to the creation of the SiivaGunner channel.


Since then, I have become really accustomed to his channel. I have watched every high quality rip and loved all of the remixes and hilarious mashed up memes. There’s always something to do in the channel to keep you invested and coming back for more. My particular favorites are ones that generally tick off the fan base like Snow Halation, Necrodancer kazoo rips, and the most recent Nutshack. Sometimes, he goes beyond a music uploading channel with the Chad story lore, album announcements, and doing livestreams that display truely bizarre moments from SiivaGunner. You never know what to expect from the channel, and that’s what makes the channel really fun.

Whenever he uploads a track from a game I personally love, I get excited. When he uploads a track from a game I never heard before, I get curious and see what the fuss is about behind the game. When he uploads a track with a mashup that I could have never thought of, I get embarrassed (in a good way). When his YouTube channel first got taken down, I felt sadness. Having to be able to feel these various emotions from that type of channel is extremely fascinating and is the big reason I felt a huge connection to the channel.

Through each high quality rip he uploads, I also get to know more about the YouTube users in the comment section and build a relationship with them. Most commenters there are very friendly people, often making cute joke attempts that come from observing the video description or the rip itself. Oddly enough, it felt like a family bonding through those moments. That was a unique feeling that I think no other YouTube channel can replicate.

Honestly, I can’t say that there’s any flaw with the channel. Yeah, he uploads videos extremely frequently per day, but that’s just staying true to how often YouTube video game music channels upload music tracks. And yeah, sometimes the channel has its unoriginal mash-ups, but it’s easily forgiven by the next hilarious rips he uploads the next hour. He might not have been focused on good mash-up music as he used to, but the channel is still very fun to come back to with original ways he can mash up a video game track.

He can make you smile with his remixes and make you laugh with unexpected memes mashed up. He can connect to you through memes and make you interested in a wide variety of games. He can make you feel nostalgia and give new life to dead memes. SiivaGunner is the epitome of YouTube content that continues to entertain me and other people with high quality rips.

If it weren’t for him, I would have not been open to watching the surprisingly good Love Live nor would have I thought that the Flintstones could ever be funny in any other way. I hope the channel continues on for years to come, perhaps for generations to continue making people smile. He’s like a miracle that didn’t need to exist, but is there to entertain you. SiivaGunner is a special type of meme, and we need Grand Dad in our lives to drive our silliness to new creative levels.









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