Hey, it has been a while since I made an article here. I am making this because I feel there are people who unfollowed me who deserve a better explanation. I do not want lose so many friendships I have formed with YO-KAI WATCH fans, Nintendo fans, and many others.

The way I casually shared my vote on Twitter after Donald Trump was elected felt VERY mean-spirited for those against him. I feel the need to better explain my position so that you at the very least understand why I voted for him. There is much more to my vote to Trump than just my poorly explained reasons on Twitter, I hope you will read my story all the way through.

When I first heard of Trump and Hilary, I honestly could not care less about what was going 0n in terms of politics. All I knew was that Trump was hugely made fun of for his very controversial comments, but honestly, despite that, I refused to share my opinion on who I agree more with because, quite simply, I did not care about politics.

For Hilary, I have known and heard about her for quite a long time. At my young age, I would often hear about her through Obama and many news websites in the internet. She was one of the first candidates I thought was very trustworthy to run for president if that ever came to pass.

Times were closer to the election now, and my parents pre-signed me up for voting. I told my parents I did not want to vote because politics were of no concern to me, but I did not want to upset my parents and I felt a scar could be burned for my relationship if I did not vote. So now, I am watching my parents watch the last and second-to-last debates and I seriously examined the debates closely, seeing Hilary and Trump argue and state their plans for many areas of issues.

The thing I noticed the most, based on observation, was how aggressive Donald Trump was in arguing compared to Hilary Clinton. There was something about his messaging that made me like him more than Hilary. I still remained unaffected by the bullying comments Trump makes because I thought there was something about him that made him seem like the right candidate.

When I looked at social media, I noticed how much negativity was for Hilary Clinton. I was shocked to see this negativity against her, I thought she was a good person based on her love for children and her relationship with Obama. I was more shocked to hear Hilary Clinton being accused of deleting emails, rigging polls with DNC, and generally saying good promises to appeal to democrats, but not actually fulfilling promises.

And the smirk she made every time Donald argued against her in debates made me feel uneasy in general. To me, Hilary seemed like she was taking this election campaign less seriously than Donald Trump, and I honestly felt concerned and I had this villainous mood towards her. She seemed more deceiving than Donald Trump the more I heard about her major flaws. There was this distinction in my mind I thought of, Donald = not lazy and Hilary = lazy. The choice felt clear to me.

Then I kind of had a realization in mind. Donald Trump to me reminds me of my dad. He might be a very scolding man, but deep down, he just wants to get the job done and work seriously to benefit us. For personal comparisons, he reminds of Hideki Kamiya (Platinum Games). He may say lots of mean comments and consistently block people on Twitter, but deep down, he is working hard to create games like Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 and make them the best experiences as possible.

And yeah, he may have said things that are certainly controversial and those may be things Donald wants to enforce, but there is PLENTY of controversial stuff he has said that is definitely unconstitutional and Congress will NOT allow. Do not assume that everything he says will happen to America.

I expect people and the government to take duty and fight against whatever controversial goals Donald has planned, while letting the things America needs or needs to fix that Trump supports come to fruition. I am not worried about what bad will come from Donald because I am sure people will likely speak.

If bad decisions go with Trump, people will protest, lobby, and fight to make sure he does not get the upper hand. He doesn’t have control of the entirety of the U.S.A. He may not be the ideal candidate to entirely fix America, but I think he will at least take his role seriously as the president of the United States to make me feel safe as a human being living in the United States.

I have nothing against LGBT, Latinos, Africans, and whatever race Donald has mentioned to be horrible, I support ANY race and race is NOT something I would be against banning. Both candidates have their major faults and trying to pick anyone besides them would’ve likely ended up as a waste vote.

After a process of elimination and thinking, it led to my vote going to Donald Trump. I thought in the end, he is more trustworthy to get the presidential job done, despite controversy, for the better of America. But that is just my detailed stance on the matter as to why I voted for Trump.

I hope my explanation suffices, I hope you understand, and I hope we can still be friends. I am not a very political guy as I said before, I voted with gut feeling, trust, and moral in mind. I will not likely argue further with potential comments as this explanation shows my entire stance on the election.

If you still feel the need to unfollow me after all this, I will respect your decision. I had little to no care for politics. The fact that I voted even though I refused to vote before to casually vote later and had little disregard everything else like consequences and life threats  deserves something in return, this explanation.

To those who read and unfollowed me, I thank you for reading this, and I am sorry for being so ignorant, I hope things will go better for you as we part ways, I very much valued the friendship I formed with you.  And I love you. ❤


5 thoughts on “Regarding My Vote in Election 2016…

  1. I’ll say this, I’m not upset that you voted for Trump but rather upset that you made an uneducated vote ( Whether forced by your parents or not). Trump is a sexist, prejudice, dumbass and now he represents our country now which just speaks volumes about how bad of a situation this is. This man was supported by the KKK because his ideals line up with theirs and his decisions will be supported by the Senate ( which is now 100% Republican) so they’ll back his awful statements just because his one of their own ( that’s how they work).
    What makes me sad is that I, as a African-American now have to pray that nothing happens to me or my family because many police officers were already killing thousands of us out of pure hatred and now they’ll do it even more, furthermore Latinos will also be treated unfairly, Muslims will have to wear special IDS just to prove their f*cking Americans, Homosexuals and Transgendered folks can look forward to being treated like trash for being who they are and what’s worse is that now all the bigots in this country have a man that they can project their thoughts to. I’m scared for my life so much so that my hype for Pokémon SM has all but died along with my positive opinion of this country.
    I do apologize if my comment makes you upset or feel horrible but this is the reality that me and millions of other will have to live ( To be honest most won’t make out alive) through this and my already hard life has been made much harder.
    My sadness knows no end in this sea of despair.


  2. I’m not mad at you for voting for Donald Trump, it sounds like you didn’t know much about him.Just make sure the next time you vote that you are educated on both candidates.The reason why people are upset that isn’t because Hillary lost it’s because he’s a sexist,racist homophobic Islamophobic,a lair and has a pending rape case that he has to attend next month.

    I know you don’t stand for any of the horrible things Trump stands for and you’re not a bad person, you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into.The important thing to remember is to pay attention to the news around the candidates next time.Look into their history if you have to just make sure that you’re sure you know what they’re all about before you vote.

    I’ll still be your friend.I’ve gotten over the fact that he won and I’m just hoping he’s only a one term president.


  3. I’m proud of you for sticking to your guns and making your own educated decision based off of what you saw in each candidate as a person, and not just listening to all the propaganda on social medias. You saw through it all, and you’re absolutely right; there’s no arguing the fact that Trump had to work hard to get to where he ended up given his background in politics (or lack thereof), while Hillary thought she just had it in the bag and tried buying her way to the presidency via getting celebrities that young people look up to in order to vouch for her in all these YouTube ads (not to mention that $62 million dollar Jay Z/Beyonce concert).

    You have a special gift of being one of the few who are truly able to think for themselves when it comes to making your own judgement calls. I fully believed that Bayonetta didn’t stand a chance of making it into Smash, and I thought you were silly for holding onto your opinion that she could for so long (as were a few others from what I can remember). No matter what anyone says about you or your decision don’t feel bad about it. As long as you feel like you made the correct choice in the end based off of your own assessment and not what everyone else is telling you then you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Don’t let anyone take away that special quality you have, and keep doing you.

    I’m very curious to see what’s going to happen over the next 4 years (for better or worse), but I’m sure it won’t be as bad as everyone is making it out to be at the moment. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but for now I just want to wish you good luck with everything moving forward.


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