Lately, there’s been controversy with me recently on Twitter regarding YO-KAI WATCH. If you want to understand what problems I am going through right now, please read this email I sent to Joe Merrick (creator of Serebii, a huge Pokemon fansite). This is taking the full excerpt of the email, so take it from a different perspective. I hope you understand what I’m going through. If there is any advice you would like to give, please tell me. I need the help I can get.

Hi Joe,

As you might have seen earlier, I made an emotional reaction towards you making negative statements about YO-KAI WATCH on Twitter. And I would like to heavily apologize for that act earlier. Lately, in my situation things have been getting worse in terms of YO-KAI WATCH as a whole. 

Since I discovered YO-KAI WATCH a year ago, I have grown attached to the franchise more than Pokemon in the last 10 years of my life. I’ve been collecting Pokemon toys, games, stickers. As an older person growing up, I found YO-KAI WATCH to be more engaging for me personally in terms of games, charm and anime and I’ve been fading away from Pokemon rather quickly.

Since my attachment to the franchise. I was inspired to write for a YO-KAI WATCH fan site called Watch of Yo-kai. Your work in Serebii really motivated me to make that decision. I have been following your site when I was young for Pokemon news and help, and I appreciated what you have done to help make the Pokemon community grow. I wanted to make the same impact with YO-KAI WATCH as well. I had another major goal in mind too, I wanted to stop the Pokemon ripoff mindset that has been present for 20 years. 

For a year now, I have been trying to make this franchise grow. I have had decent successes with my articles on the fan-site, pushing the franchise on Twitter, and partnering with many big names who support YO-KAI WATCH like JohneAwesome, AbdallahSmash, the English voice actors for YW, and the official YO-KAI WATCH accounts in social media. Remember back then when I asked you about your thoughts on YW on Twitter a year ago? Since making my first big article on YO-KAI WATCH (Found here: and quoting you, I had hope that I could make YO-KAI WATCH big enough for lots of people in the West and continued to push on for the next year.

My contribution to the YO-KAI WATCH has caused a sizable impact on the YW community, creating a small, but very nice community that I enjoy talking to. I’ve made so many new friends because of this franchise. YO-KAI WATCH gave me a reason to live and a purpose in my life.

But lately, it has been getting worse. In the West, YO-KAI WATCH 2 has been selling horribly, the sequel has been getting horrible review scores, and I seen more people talk about how YO-KAI WATCH is no longer the Pokemon killer. And in Japan, YO-KAI WATCH 3 has been selling worse than Pokemon S/M. I care about the franchise intensely and watch the community at all times. Seeing the community not grow exponentially and seeing more negativity really makes me question how much of a contribution I made with YO-KAI WATCH as a whole.

I’m scared that more people will just lose more interest in the franchise, and it will just fade away with little people caring like with Digimon and other monster collecting franchises. And if people do remember YO-KAI WATCH, I fear they will just remember it for helping the newest Pokemon games become better and nothing else. I’ve been personally envying Pokemon in my mind since then, occasionally publicly bashing on Pokemon for taking major elements of YO-KAI WATCH like the Z-RIng, Rotomdex, the tone of the newest Pokemon anime, and much more. 

All of these thoughts about YW and the bad things happening to YW has caused me to think about giving up pushing YW and just let it die. As a result, it caused that emotional reaction you saw earlier on Twitter. I am sorry for being over-sensitive, and I hope you understand why I reacted that way and I apologize for that, and I hope you fully understand my perspective as a YW fan. I will try not to cause rash reactions again. If there’s any advice you could give me, please tell me. I am going through a tough phase in my life right now and I’m not sure what to do next.

Thank you for reading,



2 thoughts on “Regarding My Current Problems With YO-KAI WATCH…

  1. I’ll admit I’m slowly losing interest in Yokai Watch, mainly cause no one is making subs anymore, but we should never give up! I’ll fight till the day Yokai Watch is universally respected.

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  2. I honestly do wish a series like YW got the sheer respect it deserves, not only what it did for other mon games *cough pokemon cough*. Sure I’m a 20 year old adult, but honestly before YW I was in one of the hardest moments of my life, having been knee deep in depression, drama, and harassment. I longed for something like Pokemon, yet new and different. Sure I liked pokemon ever since I was a youngin, but what was once childhood joy of catching cool monsters became a massive waterlog of number crunching, competitive mumbo jumbo, and being yelled at for not getting certain games in the series.

    So comes along YW to fill in that void I needed to be filled, and that was almost a year ago now. Now I have well over 200 hours in all the games I own combined, several models of the watches, many Japanese and English medals, plushies (one of which you can’t even find anymore), manga, cards, and other oddties. Heck I’ve drawn quite a bit of art and written a lot of stories about the series since it truly captivated me. It’s a series I deeply cherish and wish to see thrive.

    I bet there’s someone out there like me, to who YW was like this magical revival in a way, and it’s a series I hope can reach out to others instead of being shunned.


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